Entertainment of the Revolutionary Artists

Fisher Park Revitalization Plan

Through our relationship with Fisher Park in Olney, we are looking to upgrade park amenities so that the park could be more of a resource to the community offering classes, producing events, and implementing programs.

ERA School

Our school focuses on educating the community on the basic needs in life, offering classes and workshops affordable for working class families. We take a non-tradition approach to education, adaptable for children and adults alike

Ave of the Arts N. Vitalization Plan

An effort to supply the Ave with unique, interactive, community building events resulting in job creation and increased economy. The purpose is to vitalize Broad st on the north side of City Hall with the arts. With the collection of artisans we have and multiple types of shows, we will be able to utilize the Avenue to produce economy for ourselves and others.

ERA Travel Program

The ERA Travel Program is designed to give students, associated artisans, facilitators, and leaders the opportunity to travel across the globe to share and receive knowledge from members of several indigenous countries.


E.R.A. HOME is a multipurpose facility designed for the purpose of housing and developing E.R.A associated artisans, while providing services to local communities. The E.R.A HOME will be the production hub for Entertainment of the Revolutionary Artists and its associated partners.

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