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Elevating your brand with quality entertainment, production, and media

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Do you need entertainment for your event? We have vocalists, musicians, dancers, visual, and culinary artists that will fulfill your needs.

Recording Studio, near Philadelpha, PA

Music Production

Are you looking for music for your song, movie, or podcast? We have experienced producers that can create a song you'll love!

Video Production

Video Production

Your brand needs stunning visuals, and we can help! With a multipurpose facility, we can help create the visuals you need!

Mixing in Protools

Post Production

From mixing and mastering to video editing, our experienced staff can bring your vision to life!

About Us

For the creative change-maker who utilizes their art for good, for the impactful innovator who does not want to conform to the mainstream, for the content creator that strives to develop great media, we’ve got you covered!

With ERA, you get a team of dedicated professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in entertainment, production, and media. Whether you need musicians for your or record, mixing, mastering, and editing services for your media, or production services for your event, our deep roots in the entertainment industry can provide you with the resources you need without breaking the bank!

As a community focused organization, we develop experiences for the community that will help guide individuals to the resources that they need. From community festivals, to educational programming, our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower individual globally, while bridging generational and cultural gaps.


Client Testimonials

NuERA is a great band that demonstrates impeccable timekeeping, rhythm and song selection, an understanding of various musical genres, and mastery of essential skills. Such a groovy Band 😃
Patrice Hawthorne
The ERA team create events that capture attention, engage audiences, and spread their authentic love for music and art.
Shanna Caster
ERA are exceptional event planners who consistently delivers unforgettable experiences. Their expertise in curating events featuring live musicians and performances is truly remarkable.
Lox Knox